For over 25 years, Paul Napoli has been prosecuting mass tort litigation, medical malpractice and personal injury related cases on behalf of his clients. His clients have received billions of dollars in compensation and court awards. Together with his legal team at Napoli Shkolnik Attorneys at Law, Napoli’s name is synonymous with passionate, intense and aggressive defense of people’s rights in lots of United States courtrooms across the nation. Napoli ensures all clients receive the maximum possible compensation amount deserved. His honesty, integrity and dedication proceeds him wherever he goes including his significant philanthropy and charity drives that range from health and cancer related research and treatment to 9/11 remembrance and memoriam.

Environmental litigation

One of the areas people find their rights and health trampled upon is on environmental issues. In most cases, lots of areas in environmental litigation are complex and require intense, complicated and smart mediations and arbitrations. Paul Napoli and his legal team has never shied off from a complicated or huge environmental case involving big companies as happens a lot in most legal firms. Napoli Shkolnik attorneys have been continually from one case to the other, year after year winning settlement worth billions of dollars for their clients. The attorneys’ chief aim is accomplishing the maximum possible results and compensation for every client they represent.

The chief driving forces of the Napoli Shkolnik legal team are individualized legal help, personalized services and attention and helping even those who have nowhere else to go. The ultimate reward that follows when people’s rights are acknowledged by the courts and awards or compensations reached on their behalf and seeing them living a better and healthy life than before is one of the most rewarding outcomes that fires up Paul and his team of highly experienced and excellent attorneys in their own right. This is evident in so many cases they have undertaken on behalf of their clients.

Tetrachloroethylene (PERC) $500,000 settlement

A dry cleaning company in the heart of Long Island, New York was improperly disposing its cleaning solvents that involved cleaning products made of Tetrachloroethylene (PERC) through dry wells that were not insulated as they should. The result was the introduction of the cleaning solvent into the water system of the town. The solvent was dangerous once ingested. As a result of the $500,000 settlement, the proper facilities of water treatment were to be put up ensuring that while the business continued its operations its disposal of the solvents did not endanger anyone and the water treatment facilities affected by the introduction of the cleaning products were improved to properly handle and treat water in the right way.

Fracking settlement worth millions

In Dimock Pennsylvania, about 50 residents through the legal input of the Napoli Shkolnik team received millions of dollars in settlement from Cabot Oil. The company contaminated the supplies of drinking water. The contamination by the methane gas harvesting was also found to have a global warming effect as well as being determined as leading to diverse cancers. Due to imperfect cement walls the gas simply flowed into the water supplies adjacent to it affecting tens of properties close by.

Petroleum Refiners and Retailers settlement

MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) was found to be leaking from storage tanks sealed improperly in various plants involved in chemical manufacturing. The leak found its way into about 20 systems of water belonging to a number of states. As a result, the environmental contamination by Petroleum Retailers and Refiners’ MTBE was well litigated by the Napoli Shkolnik team leading to a $52 settlement to straighten out the effects of the contamination. The settlement went to the suppliers of water of various municipals affected to put up better plants of water treatment at zero cost to all the users of the water.

Industrial solvent leak $11 million settlement

It’s always very serious when environments where families bring up their children and people live are contaminated by a corporation or big business. Paul Napoli has made his business together with his experienced huge legal team spread across the country to make sure the purveyors and perpetrators of such environmental catastrophes and disruptions of people’s residential areas aren’t let off the hook. In this environmental litigation, Napoli was able to ensure leaks by an industrial solvent seeping into a huge residential section’s grounds were stopped. The compensation was given to more than 48,000 people residing there to a tune of $11 million.

Environmental litigation attorney

From the various settlement and awards Paul Napoli and his team has been able to accomplish for his clients, its obvious there’s no limit to the magnitude or complexity of the environmental litigation case they can handle. Heavily experienced, studious, honest and passionate, the Napoli attorneys provide one-on-one customized and personalized legal help to all affected people no matter where they are across the United States. The complexity of the case has never been a problem.

Everyone has the right not only to live in a place with clean air and safe drinking water. These rights are important to people and their families and should never be infringed upon by anything or anyone’s accidental or conscious negligence. Health is important and when contaminants find their way into the surroundings and residential grounds they could be fatal and dangerous to the flora and fauna as well. Whether its toxic landfill toxicity in Wheatfield or harmful solvent seeping into supply wells of drinking water, the folks living around these areas face the intense threat of contaminant exposure. The result could be neurological complications, respiratory problems and different types of cancers. Birth defects could result affecting the choice of people on family matters, liver malfunctions, miscarriages and other health scares.

Obviously, no one deserves to live this way or suffer through such debilitating realities, something Paul Napoli knows first hand having worked for the improvement of lives and compensation of first responders and workers of 9/11 whose health was forever affected and damaged by the toxic dust they inhaled at ground zero. The aftermath and successful litigation of various health and environmental matters left an indelible mark in the mind of Paul about the harm innocent people who just want to live well and in a healthy manner are exposed to by big corporations and negligent businesses. He has every intention of ensuring such negligence and mistakes are addressed to the benefit of his clients.